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Actor Fred Ward, who starred in The Right Stuff and Tremors, has died at the age of 79


The versatile actor who starred as an astronaut in “The Right Stuff”, Grizzled Drifter in “Tremors” and Fred Ward, author of “Henry and June” in a decades-long career, died Sunday. He was 79 years old.

His preacher Ron Hoffman has confirmed his death. He did not reveal the cause of death.

“The strange thing about Fred Ward is that you never knew where he would pop up, so unexpected were his career choices,” Mr Hoffman said in a statement.

Mr Ward was best known for his performances in “The Right Stuff”, the acclaimed 1983 adaptation of Tom Wolf’s book, and his performance in the cult monster film “Tremors” since its release in 1990.

But his long career included a wide range of roles in which he sometimes applied guff but almost always based his charisma on film and TV parts: in other parts, a union worker in “Silkwood”, a detective in “Miami Blues”, Henry. Miller in “Henry and June” on the motorcycle racer “Timerider: The Adventures of Lyle Swan”.

Mr. Ward also starred in “Remo Williams: The Adventure Begins,” which was intended to be the first in the series, but was poorly performed in theaters in 1985 and drew mixed reviews.

In a 1990 interview with The New York Times, Mr. Ward described how he chose certain roles: “I seek change, the person who will change – he is on a journey.”

He said he was attracted to Henry Miller because, “I am part of the generation that I think, Henry Miller, Paris, the ideals there: salvation, a kind of personal and philanthropic chaos that sings through all its pages.”

He is survived by his wife, Marie-France Ward, and his son, Django Ward.

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