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Justice Thomas says the leaked opinion destroyed the trust of the Supreme Court


Justice Thomas said the Left has adopted a strategy that conservatives do not use.

He said, ‘You should not go to the house of a Supreme Court judge when we are not on our way. “We are not outraged. It’s our responsibility to always act fairly, and not to pay for the tat. “

He added that the Conservatives had “never rejected a Supreme Court candidate.” He acknowledged that Merrick B. Garland, President Barack Obama’s third Supreme Court nominee, “was not heard, but he was not in the trash.”

“You will not see the complete destruction of a single candidate,” he said. “You don’t see people going to other people’s houses, attacking them while eating at restaurants, throwing things away.”

He was presided over by Justice Brett M. Cavanaugh said he had been the victim of special abuse, but had only watched his brutal confirmation hearing, in which he angrily denied the allegations of sexual harassment.

Speaking on the controversial point, Justice Thomas said Senate Republicans blocking Mr Garland’s nomination were following a rule proposed by President Biden, then a senator, “in the last year of his administration you have not received a hearing.”

Judge Thomas Rocco, the longest serving judge in the current court, has been a staunch opponent.

On Friday, she said her opposition to the 1991 nomination was “by people who were trying to keep me out of court on abortion.”

At his confirmation hearing, however, he surprised many by saying that he had never discussed Rocco, even though it was issued while a student at Yale Law School.

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