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Shock for tier-two counties in any modified home system


The shock for Tier-II counties as finalists in this season’s county championship will determine where teams play in any improved structure.

  • Andrew Strauss is reviewing English cricket
  • He hopes to make recommendations by the end of September
  • Any modification of the domestic structure will be based on the schedule in 2022

The final position in this season’s county championship will determine which division teams play next year in any modified home structure.

News of the recent crackdown on cricket directors seems to have ruled out a chance for this year’s Division Two teams to play at the top of any new look, first-class competition.

Any reconfiguration following the review of English cricket overseen by Andrew Strauss will be based on the schedule in 2022 rather than the average score in recent seasons, until the onset of the epidemic.

Any reconfiguration of the county championship will be based on the 2022 schedule.

Therefore, if the current 10-8 was proposed to return to the 8-10 division in the Championship, the top eight of this summer is expected to maintain the status of the first division.

If it agrees to switch to three of the six divisions for 2023, it is expected to make the top six flights this summer; The bottom four of Division Two and the top two will play in the new second tier; And the remaining six will become Division Three.

The ECB is researching its entire cricket structure as it seeks to help England become the best team in the world in three ways.

Strauss is setting up a review panel in hopes of making recommendations on a new home structure for the county game by the end of September.


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