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The former Manchester United midfielder has urged the club to move to Fermino


Former Manchester United midfielder Claiberson claims Roberto Firmino is a “good fit” at Old Trafford and urges the Red Devils to take a surprise step for the Liverpool forward.

  • Cleverson suggests Manchester United move for Roberto Firmino
  • The former United midfielder claims to be a perfect fit at Fermino Old Trafford
  • Firmino has found himself in and out of the Liverpool squad in recent weeks
  • United are set to lose some of their main attacking options over the summer

Manchester United have been asked to take sensational steps this summer to strengthen their ailing forward line for Liverpool forward Roberto Fermino.

United are set to beat Edinson Cavani, while the future of Cristiano Ronaldo and Anthony Martial remains in question.

Fermino, whose contract at Anfield expires in 12 months, has sided with Jगेrgen Klopp.

Cleverson believes Roberto Fermino (pictured) will be a ‘good fit’ at Old Trafford.

The Brazilian has called on his former club to take bold steps for the Liverpool forward

The Brazilian has called on his former club to take bold steps for the Liverpool forward

And former United midfielder Kleberson, who was unveiled on the same day as Cristiano Ronaldo in 2003, believes his fellow Brazilian has all the tools to succeed at Old Trafford.

“Roberto Fermino’s style is similar to that of Manchester United, especially the way he plays for Liverpool,” said Cleverson. Paddy power.

‘For the Brazilian national team, he plays up, but for Liverpool he is a little deeper.

“If Manchester United want to make a change, he is a good player who can help, especially in the wings of Marcus Rasford and Jadon Sancho. Firmino can help those players create space when they are under attack.

“Manchester United should be looking at this type of player. A player with the quality of Fermino can help the team release. “He is a great player and he will be a good fit and a good contract for Manchester United.”

It is rare for players to move from Anfield to Old Trafford – or vice versa – given the deep-rooted competition between the two most successful clubs in the UK.

Fermino has struggled in recent weeks to reduce Jurgen Klopp's place in the starting XI.

Fermino has struggled in recent weeks to reduce Jurgen Klopp’s place in the starting XI.

Fermino has scored nine goals for Liverpool this season, but Diego Jotta and Lucas Diaz have been ruled out of the club’s three-man squad in January, and Mohamed Salah has been ruled out for a third-place contract.

The 30-year-old has won five titles at Anfield since scoring for 29 million from Hoffenheim in 2015 and has scored 96 goals in 318 games.

Fermino could still play a key role for Liverpool this season as they target unprecedented fours.

They are second in the Premier League, one point behind Manchester City, in the semi-finals of the FA Cup and in the quarter-finals of the Champions League, having lifted the Carabao Cup last month.

United have endured an upscale season and are vying for fourth place, while Atletico Madrid ended Silverware’s last chance in the last 16 of the Champions League last week.


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